Exquisite Homes & Toby Spill have earned a reputation for exquisite success in closing foreclosed properties for lenders, servicer’s, and outsourcers.    Our REO team a reputation and 9 year history of valuing, servicing, and marketing assets in South Florida.  Current clients include One West Bank, CitiMortgage, Nationstar Mortgage, Phoenix Asset Management, Champion Mortgage, Financial Freedom of America, Chase, Citi Mortgage, Specialized Asset Management, Deutsche Bank, Single Source, Nationstar Mortgage, PennyMac Loan Servicing, SkyHill, 24 Asset Management, Nations REO and many more.   As the Broker  and owner of Exquisite Homes, Toby Spill has over 20 years experience as a Real Estate Broker and has sold over 500 REO’s as a leader in the REO Industry.

Call Toby Spill to manage your REO Assets at (305) 790-7774.

Bank Owned properties, commonly known as Real Estate Owned (REO), are the outcome of an owners default on a mortgage, resulting in a foreclosure sale. We have worked with the leading OREO and REO Asset Managers for over 9 years and have sold over 500 REO assets on the re-sale market and work with REO Investors, to sell within 30 days and close assets within 45 days of marketing, and 90 days or less from possession, on average.

Member of REOMAC® , The Association of Real Estate Owned Managers .

REOMAC® is dedicated to advancing the careers of professionals in the default industry through education, networking and team building.

Valuation / Broker Price Opinions


Geographical Service Area

  REO Service Area
We are Certified Real Estate Owned Specialists and licensed Florida Real Estate Brokers that can perform detailed interior and exterior Brokers Price Opinions on Land, Condos, Multifamily and single family homes in Dade and Broward County. We take photos of the subject property exterior and if available, interior photos, with photos of comparable listings and sold or pending listings with each report. We also take photos of of appliances, mechanical, pool, roof built-ins, and structural, discoloration (Mold) or termite damage (Wood Destroying Organisms) of the subject property for the initial BPO.   Exquisite Homes works exclusively in Miami-Dade County and Broward County, of South Florida.  Please email for a full list of zip codes or call Toby Spill 305.790.7774.

Miami-Dade & Broward County, Florida

Pre-eviction / Eviction   Prevention & Renovation
Keys For Cash  
The eviction process can take three to six months, not to mention the legal fees, clean out cost, movers, as well as potential vandalism and damage to the property by occupants. We can assist you with your loan once it becomes non-performing. Our staff follows the entire foreclosure process with you and has been quite successful with selling properties with the mortgagor in possession. We on short sales, deeds in lieu and mortgagor interviews. We also have an extensive list of investors waiting to buy your first mortgage notes prior to foreclosure.

  • Occupancy Status Reports within 24 Hours
  • Tracking of Evictions
  • Coordinate Evictions with Servicer, Foreclosure Attorney
  • Attend Eviction as Representative of Bank, making sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Hire eviction crew and insure that they show up on time and complete the work as quickly as possible.
  • Work with Deputy to Schedule Eviction time and meet State and local laws

  Foreclosure / Pre-foreclosure:

  • Occupancy Checks Within 24 Hours
  • Emergency Property Preservation When You Need It
  • Weekly Occupancy Checks 
  • Eviction Services, Moving & Storage
  • Inspection Services

Loss Mitigation:

  • Deed In Lieu/Short Sales
  • Cash for Keys
  • Negotiation
  We work with National and Local Preservation Contractors and Vendors to obtain competitive bids, quick repairs and the highest quality of service to our Asset Managers. W inspect all authorized work for proper and efficient procedures as well as weekly inspections of all our properties. Why take the job on yourself when you can let our experience take over for you.Preservation:

  • Lock Change / Rekey
  • Security and/or board-ups to FHA standards
  • Debris removal
  • Initial Cleaning & Lawn Service
  • Routine Pool & Lawn Service
  • Hurricane Lockup / Cleanup
  • Code Compliance


  • Recommend list of repairs
  • Solicitation of bids
  • Monitor repairs
  • Review repair invoices
  • Notification of satisfactory completion of work performed
  • Legalization of Units
  • Certificate of Use (CU)
Let Exquisite Homes manage your Real Estate Assets and all your REO needs.




“Toby Spill and I have managed many Miami area REOs together over the last three years with OneWest Bank. We’ve listed some beautiful homes and some disastrous ones too, but regardless of the situation Toby monitors his properties closely and gets them sold quickly. He also usually submits his BPOs accurately the first time. Toby is a pleasure to work with and I suggest other asset managers give him an opportunity too.
Kelly Neal
IndyMac Bank / OneWest Bank
OneWest Bank
“Toby Spill is a REO Broker for Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc. He is very efficient at what he does and is highly recommended as a Real Estate Agent for your REO & OREO listings.”
Jessica Ahem    
Default Servicing Manager
Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc.
“Toby Spill has been an agent for us for a few years and he has sold a lot of REO properties for our company. He is competent, diligent and a hard worker. He is highly recommended .”
Fay Janati  
Sr. Asset Manager
NationStar Mortgage
“I have worked with Toby over the past year and would highly recommend utilizing his services to move REO properties. Mr. Spill does an excellent job providing BPO’s and monthly reports on time along with staying on top of property preservation. Mr. Spill also does an excellent job of getting traffic through the door and getting offers on the assets we have assigned him. I look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend his services to other asset management companies.”
Jared Brunton 
 Asset Manager 
Nations REO
“I ‘ve got to tell you when your name (Toby Spill) comes up on a property, I know I don’t have much to worry about. You’re the man. I wish all our Agents could get the job done like you do”
Tim Ransom
 Asset Manager 
OneWest Bank


Perferred REO Broker for the following REO & OREO companies:


OneWest Bank / IndyMac Mortgage Services – Preferred REO Broker Since 2008

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc – REO Broker Since 2012

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC – REO Broker Since 2007

Nations Default Services / Nations REO – REO Broker Since 2009

Penny Mac Loan Servicing – REO Broker Since 2010

ComputerShare / Specialized Asset Management LLC – REO Broker Since 2010

Champion Mortgage – REO Broker Since 2012

Citi Mortgage, Inc – REO Broker Since 2013

SkyHill REO – REO Broker Since 2011

24 Asset Management Corp – REO Broker Since 2013

Phoenix Asset Management, LLC – REO Broker Since 2013